Quality and Standards to the Highest Levels

Quality is one of the tenets guiding all our activities, as it impacts directly on your ability to achieve your business goals.​​​​​
​We strive to provide you with the highest level of quality in our platforms, services and solutions. An intrinsic part of the SmartLight framework for addressing your day-to-day and strategic challenges, the pursuit of quality is driven by wanting to enhance your satisfaction and exceed your expectations. We are continuously promoting professionalism, teamwork and organizational learning, and improving the effectiveness of our processes and end results. 
As such, we comply to several rigorous international standards that provide us with the framework for continuous improvement.  
Since 2011, ECI has been awarded the Diamond Mark by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), Israel’s official standards organization. The SII grants the Diamond Mark to companies that embody business excellence and quality leadership. The Diamond Mark is given to organizations that have at least seven quality certifications, indicating they have adopted management systems, processes and products that conform to international standards.

ISO 9001
TL 9000
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 17025
ISO 22301
SA 8000
ISO 27001
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ECI Telecom complies to a series of rigorous international standards towards excellence and quality.