In This Issue
  • Introducing 1Net wireless backhaul
  • ‘Everything gets connected’ - Yankee Group’s Jennifer Pigg on wireless backhaul
  • Wireless backhaul: the many routes to packet (via Gazettabyte)
  • Just launched: 1NetAvenue blog
1Net wireless backhaul

Introducing 1Net wireless backhaul
Want to transition to packet-based backhaul at your own pace, and do so cost effectively? Our 1Net wireless backhaul solution provides a highly integrated breadth of offerings, spanning the entire backhaul network.


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Jennifer Pigg

‘Everything gets connected’ - video interview with Yankee Group’s Jennifer Pigg
Watch Yankee Group VP Jennifer Pigg speak out on the state of the wireless backhaul market and the exponential growth of mobile data traffic.


Wireless backhaul: the many routes to packet
On Gazettabyte, Roy Rubenstein outlines the various routes operators can take when upgrading their wireless backhaul networks to packet-based Ethernet transport.


Meet us at 1NetAvenue!
We’re excited to announce the launch of 1NetAvenue, the ECI Telecom blog. Here, we share with you our insights on all things telecoms – so come join the conversation! Our featured post is ‘Native Is Beautiful’, the third in a series of posts on wireless backhaul from Gil Epshtein.

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